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DRP Slip Plates


Slip plates are a must for consistent and accurate wheel weights.  When you jack up a car in order to place it on scales, the suspension extends and unloads.  You can roll the car back and forth or compress the suspension by bouncing on the car, but the typical tire has too much grip and will not fully relax.  You would need 8 foot long roll offs in order to fully relax the suspension.  This tire bind happens on the rear tires as well as the fronts.  Although the rear suspension does not droop independently (with the exception of indepentent rear suspeion vehicles), the read tire side walls flex as one side is jacked up at a time.  The lower the air pressure, the bigger the problem.  Aspahlt circle track cars running significant amounts of static camber are especailly vuneralble to this problem.


By using slip plates, the suspension is able to fully relax.  Ride heights measure correctly and wheel weights are more accurate and consistent.  We reccommend use of some type of slip plate on all four tires during all set-up operations (scaling, alignment, etc.).


After testing all types of materials, we settled on dry PTFE slip sheets and steel slip plates.  This combination provides low friction and excellent durability.  Much lower profile (approx 1/8" total) than turn plates and lighter weight.  Much cleaner than grease plates or trash bags with WD-40 and better performance as well. 

DRP Slip Plates

SKU: DRP007-90301A
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