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Monit Digital Brake Bias Adjuster (Bulkhead Mount)

The new Monit Brake Dial is a remote bias adjuster knob designed to work with all existing racing pedal boxes and balance bars. It has an integrated LCD screen that counts and displays ¼ turn clicks of a balance bar, giving all drivers the confidence and control to adjust their brake bias for optimal braking performance, knowing they can quickly and accurately return to their initial setting.


Precision detent ‘clicks’ every ¼ turn of the Monit Brake Dial ensure that vibrations don’t accidently adjust the brake balance bar position. The ¼ turn detent clicks, that are counted, also offer tactile feedback for the adjustment moments where the driver doesn’t have time to glance at the easy-to-read Monit position display.


Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and CAD design were backed up with extensive life testing to produce a product that is built motorsport tough and reliable. Designed for 10+ years of trouble-free operation, the Monit brake bias remote adjuster dial is built from carefully selected engineering materials to exacting standards – resulting in a product that is shock and water resistant.

Monit Digital Brake Bias Adjuster (Bulkhead Mount)

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