PAGID RST4 Brake Pads (6812 Shape)

PAGID RST4 Brake Pads (6812 Shape)


In cooperation with PAGID Racing USA, Metjoe's has become the exclusive provider of the 6812 pad shape as used for the Wilwood Legend Car caliper. 


Metjoe's has found that the RST4 is the perfect compound for all oval tracks ranging from tight 1/5 miles to fast 3/8 miles. 


RST4 is a semi metallic resin bonded material containing steel fibers. This material has a medium friction level and high temperature resistance. One of the benefits of RST4 is that it comes up to temperature quickly and provides stable, predictable, and consistent brake pedal feel over the course of an entire track session. For best results, use with PAGID brake fluid and Metjoe's zinc-plated rotors.


One of the many advantages is that PAGID pads come scorched which means that they are ready to go right out of the box. No need to brake in! All that's needed is a new or cleaned rotor so the Pagid pad does not have any interaction with your old pad's compound.