Strange Gun-Drilled Axles

Strange Gun-Drilled Axles




Strange Oval KERA Axles have been, and continue to be utilized by many of the top teams in the NASCAR since 2008.


The difference is in the details

  • Ultra high strength low alloy steel offers outstanding yield and tensile strengths, fatigue properties, and high toughness
  • Vertical rack heat treating controls distortion
  • CNC hobbed splines tightly controls tolerances for even torque transfer and consistent misalignment angle of drive flanges
  • Generous transition fillet radii essential to reduction of stress risers
  • Additional attention directed to non-aggressive machining to impart a minimum amount of residual tensile stress
  • Shot peening provides increased torsional and bending fatigue life with the application of residual compressive stress
  • Isotropic superfinishing reduces spline wear, lowers operating temperature, and minimizes micro stress risers


Please call Strange Oval at (800) 653-1099 or (704) 966-4125 if you have any doubts as to the diameter to choose.