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zMAX 0w5 Synthetic Racing Oil

Sold by the case (12 1-qt. bottles).


zMAX 0w5 Racing Oil is fully synthetic and provides:

  • Efficient Ring Seal
  • High Zinc Anti-Wear Protection
  • Protection for Bearings & Journals


zMAX 0w5 Racing Oil is specifically engineered for extreme racing applications. It provides reduced drag for increased horsepower and torque while standing up to higher temperatures with less metal fatigue. Compatible with high-octane gasoline, methanol and NOx fueled engines, including those with flat-tappet cams. This unique additive technology that provides unsurpassed protection for multi-platform extreme race engines is created with chemistry that renders it for use in racing engines only. Not for use in passenger vehicles.

zMAX 0w5 Synthetic Racing Oil

SKU: ZMA88-305
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