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zMAX 10w40 Synthetic Motorcycle Racing Oil

Sold by the case (12 1-qt. bottles).

zMAX 10w40 Motorcycle Oil is fully synthetic for air and liquid-cooled engines.

  • Superior Wet-Clutch Compatibility
  • Maximum Horsepower
  • For Reliable Severe Off-Road Use


zMAX 10w40 Motorcycle Oil is specifically formulated for extreme racing conditions where motorcycle engines are used. The proprietary additive technology performs equally well in both air- and liquid-cooled engines. Provides confident shift feel in both wet- and dry-clutch transmissions. The high film strength and extreme shear stability provide maximum engine protection and maximum horsepower. 
zMAX Motorcycle Oil is specifically engineered for use in extreme motorcycle racing engines only! Do not use in on-road motorcycles.

zMAX 10w40 Synthetic Motorcycle Racing Oil

SKU: 88-840
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