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Hello! Welcome to my web store! My name is Joseph Fresco and I am a former racer who turned his passion for motorsports into an online store that offers select premium parts for short-track race cars. I started this shop to offer the hard-to-find upgrades for Legend Cars. When I start racing Bandoleros in 2006 at Wall Stadium, I knew nothing about the mechanics of race cars. To race, I had to find other racers who were willing to teach me the fundementals, otherwise my father would not fund my hobby. Paying someone to build and prepare the car was not an option if I did not show a genuine interest in learning how a car functions. 

In 2008, I graduated to Legends. The transition was rocky and filled with anxiety. Not knowing the ins and outs, I initially raced with trepidation and cautiousness because I was not confident that the car would operate how I wanted. With a desire to learn on my own, I turned to the internet. I studied pictures, read books, and sought out parts stores to understand the mechanics. While building relationships with local racers, I was able to personify them as my teachers, instructors. Rather than ask them just to help wrench on the car, I picked their brain by asking questions to make sense of what I was reading. Those relationships turned into friendships which built the trust I needed to compete without the anxiety that plagued me for so long.


Eventually, my online research turned fruitful as those top local racers started coming to me to learn about the latest and greatest parts. With my father already in the automotive business and not many places to buy the upgraded parts, I decided that I should dip my toe in the pool and start my own company. When purchasing from my store, you not only receive parts, but you also receive the necessary support you need to get you to the front of the pack. 


To be transparent, this is not my day job. My tenacity to learn about race cars stems from my passion for education. Using the skills learned in the classroom, I tranferred them to the motorsport world. By now, if you are still reading, context clues might have helped you determine that my day job is in education. As a lifelong learner, a first generation college graduate, and the first doctor in my family, I strive to impart my expertise on you; the racer, the student, the late-night tinkerer; and help you achieve your racing goals through my line of permium parts. I do this out of my love for racing and my desire to offer the best products for your car.

Thanks for taking time to read this and for checking out my website. I look forward to not only doing business with you, but also serving as a resource for your team!

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