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Antigravity All-Brass Terminal Adapters

All-Brass Terminal Adapters that allow easy conversion for Antigravity Powersport Batteries to be connected to performance cars and race cars using the standard car battery terminals.


  • Adapters for use with Antigravity POWERSPORTS Batteries.
  • Screws onto the existing Antigravity Battery Terminals to accept SAE type Automobile Terminals.
  • Allows easy conversion for Antigravity Batteries to be connected to Performance Cars and Race Cars using the Standard Car Battery Terminals.
  • Fits most Antigravity Powersports Batteries*.
  • Easy installation: simply screw on the terminals with supplied Allen Bolts.
  • All Brass Knurled Design.
  • Color-Coded Red Positive and Black Negative.
  • Interior thread in the top of the Terminal is M12 x 1.75mm.


Antigravity All-Brass Terminal Adapters

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