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Brembo Brake Pads for Brembo XC0Z8 Caliper

A traditional favorite for asphalt late models and modifieds. Also well suited for heavy braking Dirt late models, IMCA and Northeast modifieds. BRP78 offers supreme brake pedal modulation and release while being extremely good on your rotors compared to other high friction compounds. This compound has Great cold bite with High Resistance to fade.


A derivative of the BRP78, the BRP77 compound offers slightly less overall torque with good initial bite and great modulation characteristics. An excellent option for rear asphalt late model applications and trail braking dirt applications. BRP77 also offers great brake pedal modulation and release.


BRP76 is a medium to low torque compound with great stability throughout temperature range. Used in applications that require low torque and reduced response in medium and high temperature ranges. Extremely good on rotor faces and great pad wear

Brembo Brake Pads for Brembo XC0Z8 Caliper

SKU: BRP78-2126.16
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