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JOES Precision Air Digital Tire Gauge

JOES Precision Air tire pressure gauge is hand built and assembled, in house to exacting standards with USA only components, then calibrated, serialized and certified to ensure that you have maximum control  of your tires. This gauge is Atmospheric and Temperature compensating so it will read accurately at elevation or in high humidity environments and it reads down to 0.01 PSI accuracy to ensure that your setups are more accurate than the competition. We’ve even machined a custom bleed valve and a high flow insert for your 45 degree air chuck to ensure that you can set your tires faster than the tire person next to you!



  • Made in USA
  • Factory calibrated and Serialized
  • Fully Serviceable and Repairable at JOES
  • Compensates for elevation and temperature
  • Displays 4 tire pressures at a time
  • Memory for 8 Sets of tires
  • 0.01 PSI Resolution
  • 100 PSI Maximum
  • Backlit display
  • Shock absorbing yellow bumper
  • Displays pressure in PSI / Bar / kPa
  • JOES Fast Flow bleed fitting included
  • CNC machined billet aluminum housing
  • Includes Shock absorbing yellow bumper
  • 45 Degree chuck with custom high flow fitting
  • Includes plastic case with foam liner
  • Includes ball chuck

JOES Precision Air Digital Tire Gauge

SKU: JOE32311
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