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Landrum 5.5" Front Street Stock Spring
  • All front springs are closed and ground on one end to provide proper contact with the jack plate, not forged. The opposite end is either open or closed tangential to fit properly into the lower control arm.
  • Made of the highest grade of Chrome Silicon wire found worldwide.
  • Cold wound, not hot wound. Each coil-over spring is properly heat treated and stress relieved to insure the sides of spring remain parallel during installation.
  • Standardized testing procedures.
  • Powder-coated, not plated to protect the spring from hydrogen embrittlement, a corrosive break down of the spring’s surface which decreases the spring’s life.
  • Each spring is designed with the correct pitch and height ratio to insure consistent rate throughout the entire cycle.
  • Every Landrum Coil spring comes with a dyno sheet. The dyno sheet shows the dynamic rate and force output for the spring in 0.200” increments. This allows the customer to know exactly what the spring rate is and means when you change a spring, you know exactly what change is being made.

Landrum 5.5" Front Street Stock Spring

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