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Longacre Elite Pro Wireless Single Load Cell Scales 1500 Lbs./Pad

Introducing the innovative Elite Pro Wireless Single Load Scales by Longacre. This feature-packed scale system is set to revolutionize the way you take measurements, both on the track and in your shop. This comprehensive system comes with 15” x 15” low-profile pads, and a scale pad case, providing you with a ready-to-use solution right out of the box. Seamlessly connect your own device to the new and improved Longacre Connect app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and enjoy free app updates that will continually enhance its functionality over time. This system does not come with a tablet. With extended Bluetooth connectivity, you can take measurements with ease, whether you're indoors or outdoors, as it provides an increased range and effortless connection between your pads and your device. The app allows you to view live weights and memory sessions side-by-side, presenting all weights and percentages simultaneously for your convenience. We've also enhanced the note-taking organization and memory capacity, making it easier than ever to keep track of your measurements. When you need to analyze your data or share it with others, our simplified data export procedure transfers all selected data to your computer seamlessly. Plus, you can monitor the pad battery status directly from the Longacre Connect app's home screen, ensuring that you're always ready to measure accurately. Our internal bridged pad design is the secret behind the precision of our system. It eliminates pad flex, guaranteeing accurate measurements even when dealing with off-centered loads. With this feature-packed scale system, taking measurements has never been more efficient and convenient.


Key Features:

  • Completely redesigned for 2024 with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology to ensure a hassle-free user experience.
  • Extended Bluetooth connectivity provides increased range in any setting, indoor or outdoor.
  • Effortlessly connect your scales to your preferred Android or iOS device with a simplified, but secure, pairing process.
  • Longacre’s most feature-packed scale system to date! Taking measurements has never been more efficient and convenient.
  • View live weight and saved data simultaneously on the main, user-configurable screen including corner weights and partial percentages.
  • View live weight and saved data simultaneously on the main, user-configurable screen including corner weights and partial percentages.
  • Benefit from additional note-taking, organization, ride-height, and alignment pages.
  • Extended memory capacity saves all setup data and allows effortless data export through email or file-sharing using the wireless device.
  • Monitor battery status of all 4 pads directly from the app.
  • Complete system includes: 15” x 15” low-profile pads with a durable powder-coated finish, storage case, and batteries.
  • Pre-configured system is ready to use out of the box. Bring your own device and pair with the new and improved Longacre Connect app for Android and iOS, offering free app updates.
  • Longacre’s internal bridged pad design ensures precise readings by eliminating pad flex, providing accurate measurements even with off-centered loads.


Highlights Snapshot for 52-82718:

  • Tablet not included.
  • Improved Wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Four 15" square aluminum pads.
  • Single load cell per pad, 1500 Lbs. per pad capacity.
  • Able to be paired with tablet or phone.
  • Android and iOS compatible.


Introducing Longacre Connect – the new mobile app from Longacre

Longacre Connect, the new user-friendly mobile app from Longacre, is now available on iOS and Android. When used in conjunction with our state-of-the-art Elite or Elite Pro Scales, Longacre Connect gives you unparalleled insights into your racing setup.


Comprehensive Wheel Weight Display

Longacre Connect allows you to view the four-wheel weights and all partial percentages simultaneously. Whether you require a specific combination of partial percentages or prefer to view them all, this app fits your needs.


Convenient Setup Storage

With the new Longacre Connect app, there is NO limit to the number of stored setups! Compare the memory weights with the current weights, ensuring you have the data you need for optimal performance.


Seamless Data Management

Longacre Connect allows you to save your memory and notes as a .csv file, enabling easy download and sharing. Effortlessly analyze and track your setups, ensuring you have a comprehensive record of the changes and results.


Customizable Car Icons

Personalize your experience by selecting a car icon that corresponds to your racing application. Longacre Connect offers a range of options, including circle track, road race/Indy car, modified, kart, and even the ability to use a picture of your own car as the icon!


Effortless Setup

To weigh your car, simply turn on the scale pads and launch the app. Batteries are included and pre-installed, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The Longacre Connect system is self-contained and requires no additional control boxes or tablet/smartphone modules. The wireless signal connects the pads directly to the tablet/phone, eliminating the need for extra equipment.


Demo Mode

Curious about the app’s features? Longacre Connect offers a demo mode that allows you to explore its capabilities without purchasing the full-scale system.


Device Compatibility

Longacre Connect is optimized for all current iOS and Android devices. We continuously optimize and test the app on alternate devices to ensure the best possible user experience.


Easy Pairing

We have simplified the pairing process. Simply pair the LF pad with your tablet or smartphone; it’s a seamless and user-friendly setup procedure. The process is easy yet remains secure without requiring any “secret codes”.


Comprehensive Note-Taking

Longacre Connect allows you to take detailed notes directly on your tablet or phone, effortlessly linked to the active save. Keep a permanent record of the changes you’ve made and the results you’ve achieved. Type notes using the on-screen keyboard or take them by voice, ensuring flexibility and convenience. Add photos of your setup to remember settings, track conditions, and more. With virtually unlimited space available, you can add, edit, or delete notes as needed, recalling them anytime.


Extensive Data Management Options

In addition to note-taking, Longacre Connect allows you to store race notes and chassis setup data, including caster/camber, spring rates, tire pressures, and more. Create a customized template that captures all the information you need, and easily fills in the blanks for each race. The app acts as a comprehensive repository for all your setup and race-related data.


Multiple Device Pairing

Securely pair as many devices to the scales as you wish and the system will connect to the first available device. This feature allows the user flexibility to choose the most conveniently available device at the time. Only one connected device will operate the scales at a time.

Longacre Elite Pro Wireless Single Load Cell Scales 1500 Lbs./Pad

SKU: LON52-82718
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