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RaceCeiver Westhold Transponder Kit

Each Westhold transponder has a unique serial number that identifies exactly which competitor is crossing the start/finish line, or any other timing point on a course. Unlike standard RFIDs, Westhold's transponders have an ultra high data rate (1mbit/sec) at HF (3-30MHz) frequencies.


Because the high data rate generates many data points, the system is able to more accurately determine when a transponder crosses the center line of the start/finish. Charge lasts 7 days. Green light at top flashes the number of days remaining. Fast recharge (max 3 hours, typically 1 hour).


Transponders are quickly charged with the convenient charging cradle. Max charge time is ~ 3 hours. Typical charge time is ~ 1 hour. LED lights on the transponder indicate full charge while in the charging cradle. When removed from the cradle the transponder green LED indicates approximate number of days of life left (up to 7 days). A red LED indicates when the transponder charge has less than 1 day remaining.


Westhold Pro Transponder Mounting Pouch attaches your Westhold rechargeable transponder to the frame of your car. Large grommet holes allow you to zip-tie the (Zip ties not included) case to the underside of the car. There is a clear plastic window where the indicator lights can be seen.


This package contains everything you need when you use a RACEceiver Transponder.

  • Individual Rechargeable Transponder
  • Charging Unit
  • Pro Mounting Pouch


Charge your Transponder, mount it to your car and you are ready to go!


*NOTE - Does not work with MyLaps

RaceCeiver Westhold Transponder Kit

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