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Seals-It Bulkhead Grommets for Brake Lines

Whatever your application, grommet seals guard against the chance of equipment breakdown anywhere a hose, cab e or wire passes through a panel. A grommet seal provides fire resistant protection against chafing and abrading on rough surfaces and seals out heat, fumes, dirt and moisture. An added bonus is a neat, finished appearance. The Seals-It rubber grommet tightly grips the hose, sealing out fumes, dirt and heat. A fire resistant, patented rubber seal is bonded by a special process to an anodized aluminum bezel. Many blanks styles and sizes are available. Can be punched to fit your needs. The Seals-it rubber grommet allows fittings to pass through. Seals-it rubber is the same material used in firefighter's equipment.

Seals-It Bulkhead Grommets for Brake Lines

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