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Wilwood Zero Offset Rotor Adapter

Wilwood’s new Zero Offset Rotor Adapter for Wide 5 hubs adapts any standard fixed mount rotor hub with an 8 x 7.00” bolt circle, to a dynamic rotor mount. Adapter is supplied with a standard 8 x 7.00” pattern for hub mounting and an 8 x 7.00” dynamic pattern for rotor mounting. Made from high strength aluminum alloy and hard anodized for wear resistance. Use Dynamic mount bolt kit part # 230-14845 and Adapter to hub bolt kit 230-8390.


Floated mounts allow the rotor to expand when hot without distorting resulting in improved pad wear and rotor life. improved rotor to pad contact by maintaining a flat surface and lower temperature

Wilwood Zero Offset Rotor Adapter

SKU: WIL300-14294
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